Rebecca’s Restaurant has been serving great food to the people of Mahone Bay since 2000. We have a rich history of building a reputation here in our community among thousands of people we’ve provided our services to.

If we were to sum up what we are all about, we’ll go with a great restaurant by the beautiful shores of Mahone Bay serving great food, fine wine, craft beers and amazing dining experiences.

2010, Shaking Things Up

Featured image About Us 2010 Shaking Things Up - About Us

In 2010, a regular customer approached us and asked us if we have favourite restaurant destination other than our own. We gladly answered yes given that there are so many restaurants and food joints across Mahone Bay, and Nova Scotia to experience.

That is why we decided to start our blog, showcasing and highlighting all of the top food destinations in Mahone Bay and across Nova Scotia. That’s right, we’ve wanted to put the spotlight on our competitors.

Our belief in doing so is that Rebecca’s Restaurant already managed to create a legacy for us, for our amazing crew and our community. It is now our mission to help other people in the food business to achieve the same.

Rebecca’s Restaurant blog was launched back in 2011 and started with a top ten list of the best restaurants in Mahone Bay.

What we are all about

Featured image About Us What we are all about - About Us

Since our humble opening back in 2000, we continue to bring that passion every time we take and serve orders. Our restaurant is a great success and we’ve even decided to provide catering services for all sorts of events here in Mahone Bay.

Not only that, but we are also on the mission of helping other restaurants, food trucks, catering providers, event organizers and other businesses in better serving the people of Nova Scotia.

Rebecca’s Restaurant is not one restaurant alone, it is a collective of passionate people wanting to serve nothing but the best food experiences for thousands and even millions of people not only in Nova Scotia but throughout Canada. That is why if you are on a food adventure, you better visit our blog to map out all the destinations you want to visit. We assure you that the Nova Scotia food adventure experience is something you shouldn’t miss out and will serve as one of your greatest memories.