We’ve seen a lot of restaurants set up shop here in Mahone Bay. Some were able to keep up with the competition and are still serving people today. Some weren’t able to continue their operation due to minimal revenues.

That is what we want to put an end to. We believe that everyone who wants to start an investment in the food business deserves a shot to achieve just that. That is why we are more than happy to offer our advertising services and expertise to our fellow food and event service providers out there.

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Rebecca’s Restaurant is recognized as one of the top restaurants here in Nova Scotia with thousands of regular customers coming back for more. From that, we have an online community of tens of thousands of reading our blog entries every day.

That is how we leverage our popularity and reputation here in the province to help out our fellow food providers. We have our capable marketing team to handle these advertising campaigns and help and guide you along the process.

Our advertising campaigns are distributed on our blog, email markets, and social media platforms. From that, you already have more than 1.2 million recipients seeing what you have to offer.

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We offer our advertising campaigns for all sorts of food services, events, programs and even charity initiatives. For example, we’ve advertised hundreds of new restaurants during the time of their opening.

Through our team of marketing and advertising experts, we can provide great insights into structuring, designing, and distributing campaign materials. Our clients, better yet our partners, are free to tell us their ideas and build from that to a more strategic campaign. Contact us today at info@rebeccas-restaurant.ca for more questions. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to learn more about our services and to see some of our advertising campaigns for further assessment.