As part of our new blog series, we are calling on our readers out there and everybody else to share their very own amazing food or restaurant experiences here in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia’s food scene is made up of different types of cuisine from all over the globe. We offer an international flavour for everyone to try something new or something that reminds them of home.

Write for us today

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Write for us today. Share one of your most treasured memories of eating at a particular restaurant, fast food or even food truck here in Nova Scotia. You can tell it the way you want to.

The important thing is that you’ll be able to share it with more than 500,000 readers not only from Nova Scotia but from other provinces here in Canada as well.

We’ve already received several story entries and we want to publish all of it. That is what we are planning to do. Our content and blog team is in high gear in screening all submissions to make sure they are compliant with our rules and guidelines at Rebecca’s Restaurant. This series will also serve as part of our advertising services as we expect several restaurants and food destinations here in Nova Scotia to be featured. So, write for us today. We look forward to reading your story.